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About Tlon Media London

The LONdon Media Co. is now a little bit more than a book publisher. We are using our brains in other forms of media. This includes art and online text and transformations.
We we are presently working with the Rivoli Ballroom, so you might find tickets on sale here!
We are also busy developing small company's including Crofton Books, a bookshop based in Crofton Park and Brockley, south London.
London independent media company that started off publishing books. WE produced cutting edge books with bespoke covers. Artwork and prints widely available alongside the books. Looking to compete with the big shot publishers we had the advantage of being a small outfit, whereby we are not involved in complicated processes, creating essentially works that are new and original. Now we are a little bit more than a book publisher and carry our ideas into forms of media.
The Tlön Media Co. was first established in 2002. Since the first book, No Looking Back we have published several more titles including the first straight fiction 'real page turner', A Cure for Solitude. The introduction of our subsidiary company, Tlön Children's Books Publishing marked our 10th year anniversary. We bring out our first children's book, Brenda's Bottom and her birds (in London), this year. Brenda's Bottom and her birds contains 52 types of birds and many of London's famous buildings, with the River Thames in it's near entirety and many of the bridges. We timed the launch of this book in line with the London Olympics and the Queen's diamond jubilee.
We are now working alongside the Rivoli Ballroom and manage all their online posts, other media and publicity. Do contact us for enquiries.
Our new offices are at 375 Brockley Road, London SE4 2AG. Look out for our sign.