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    We are very happy to be in our new location as of 20th January 2021, at 315 Brockley Road, London SE4. Come and see our window displays and select books to buy through click and collect in Covid lockdown. Visit @croftonbooks for updates and buying options  

    An opportunity to meet the team behind The London Media Co., to view our books published by Tlon and to see a growing range of unique new and old other book titles, from the literary to rare. The bookshop has new stock daily and celebrates the notion of book ecology and recycling. 


  • The Romance an episode in the life of a young writer

    The Romance an episode in the life of a young writer
    • Author: Jason Shelley

    Poetic, gritty and funny! Buy it! 'Even if you don't like books, you'll like this!' 

    The Romance. Available from bookshops in London, Paris, New York and bookshops across the globe

    Slimline hardback with collaborative artwork by Jason Shelley and Vishal Shah. Artwork available for exhibition.

    "Yesterday walking through Waterloo station I headed towards the Southbank, where I came across a purple book called The Romance in the street. It stopped me in my tracks, I opened the first page and started reading it. Sounds of laughter came from my mouth (though I normally hate books. Not my thing really) and here I was lost in another little world of frustration.

    I finished reading and found another copy of the book. When I reached my destination and met up with my friend I gave him a copy. We both sat in silence while he read, then a heavy deep voice broke our silence..

    "Are you gentlemen going to have something to eat?" a middle age baling fat man stares at us.

    So we ordered two full English Breakfast and carried on our day embracing each moment. Good read, enjoyed the book and thanks!"
    Spike Mclarrity - Spike found one of the books we placed near and around The Southbank in London, UK and wrote to the author direct.. 



  • Through the Looking Glass

    Through the Looking Glass

    The Artwork of 12 Contemporary Female Artists by ARTed Ltd edited by Renata Kudlacek and Emma Barnard 

    The 12 female artists featured are Emma Barnard  Amanda Couch   Florencia Durante   Ann Harvey   Renata Kudlacek   Stine Ljungdalh    Louisa Mahony   Kate McCgwire  Marilene Oliver   Hilary Sleiman   Zoe Schieppati-Emery   Stacey Watson

    'Through The Looking Glass' Exhibition

    2007 Through The Looking Glass, Building 1000 (now Newham Dockside), London. Sponsored by Standard Life Investments, Development Securities, London Development Agency and Arts & Business.

    Through The Looking Glass, a major exhibition which brought together twelve female artists within the confines of Building 1000. A corporate profile building in an imposing scale, set against the towers of Canary Wharf and the City skyline, with a mile - long water frontage, Building 1000's vast glass and steel facade reflects the water towards nearby London City Airport.

    While the exhibition title acknowledges Lewis Carroll's ruminations on otherness and imagination, the artists sought to engage with the specific architectural symbolism inherent in such an environment, still a largely male - dominated arena. The unique ambience of the space with its reflections, water and light, and the accompanying themes suggested therein play a part too, allowing the artists a broad theatre in which to work.

    Curated by ARTed (Emma Barnard and Renata Kudlacek), an organisation dedicated to showing art in unconventional buildings, Through The Looking Glass presented a snapshot of contemporary female visual language in direct response to the surroundings and offered a stimulating reading of a modern London icon. The exhibition included a collaboration with a local Newham primary school, resulting in a children's exhibition at the site; artists' talks for universities and bespoke art tours for private companies.

  • Grey Love

    Grey Love
    • Author: Jason Shelley

    'Jason Shelley's work has a lingering profoundness which is subtle and powerfully indirect. A contemporary interpretive approach to poetry not seen often and usually discovered far too late.’

    Last Grey Love reading: 8.30pm on the 3rd December 2015 at the If Yesterday Were Today exhibition in East London E2 hosted by Berlin Blue. in 2015 Shelley also read from Grey Love in Tuscany, Italy and Berlin, Germany.

    Grey Love is a ‘cult classic‘, sold in London and throughout the UK, in New York bookshops and bookshops globally following it's publication in 2003.

    A book of selected prose, short stories and poetry from a poet heavy on irony. This is an urban love story set in London.

    Prose and poetry written with a cold detached style. Through every day life Shelley describes his own grey love. Beckettesque. Dark humour.

    'The best book in the world...Shelley is an English Bukowski...'Cold Pizza Parts 1 and 2' are highlights, and 'Small TV' - 'I've got a small TV/ I want a big one...review by Tom Levinge

    'Grey Love seduced me from the first page when the narrator is on a train next to a Nun (who happens to be eating an apple) on the way to Brighton. My colleague first showed me the book. She put it in our recommends section. She first became interested in it because it was published by a little known independent London book publisher she liked called Tlon Books Publishing.'  review titled 'Grey Love Grey Suit' by Percy Cole, Waterstone's Islington




  • Brenda's Bottom and her Birds

    Brenda's Bottom and her Birds
    • Author: Clare Stanhope

    Brenda's Bottom now provides educational packages for schools in and around London with assembly readings and workshops. Key objectives are to give an imaginative platform for learning, to educate beyond the constraints of the school curriculum, to build confidence and to provide the basic tools for creativity.

    Treats for 2016: School visits and bookshop readings. Watch this space. Look out relevant posts and pics on Twitter@BrendasBottom and Facebook.com/BrendasBottom

    Look out for Brenda's Bottom in bookshops and gift shops around London, the UK and the rest of the world. What is your favourite bird on Brenda's bottom? Or do you have favourite London building?

    What happens to Brenda? Why does her bottom grow and is there a happy ending? Find out by reading Brenda's Bottom and Her Birds. It features many of London's famous bridges and buildings and 52 types of birds 'from deepest Peru' and beyond. with 3 detailed indexes at the back listing all the bridges, buildings, birds and their names.

    Stockists include Brick Lane Bookshop, Tales on Moon Lane, Clapham Books, Rye Books and Kirkdale Bookshop.

    Read the Brenda's Bottom reviews on Amazon.co.uk. Why not write the thirteenth review?



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