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Brenda's Bottom and her Birds Featured

Author: Clare Stanhope Author: Clare Stanhope

Brenda's Bottom now provides educational packages for schools in and around London with assembly readings and workshops. Key objectives are to give an imaginative platform for learning, to educate beyond the constraints of the school curriculum, to build confidence and to provide the basic tools for creativity.

Treats for 2016: School visits and bookshop readings. Watch this space. Look out relevant posts and pics on Twitter@BrendasBottom and

Look out for Brenda's Bottom in bookshops and gift shops around London, the UK and the rest of the world. What is your favourite bird on Brenda's bottom? Or do you have favourite London building?

What happens to Brenda? Why does her bottom grow and is there a happy ending? Find out by reading Brenda's Bottom and Her Birds. It features many of London's famous bridges and buildings and 52 types of birds 'from deepest Peru' and beyond. with 3 detailed indexes at the back listing all the bridges, buildings, birds and their names.

Stockists include Brick Lane Bookshop, Tales on Moon Lane, Clapham Books, Rye Books and Kirkdale Bookshop.

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A fun and educational book set in London, Brenda's Bottom and her Birds is a 'beautifully illustrated' children's book with 3 detailed indexes at the back listing all the bridges, buildings, birds and their names. Clare Stanhope's debut book is aimed at young children but is also great fun for adults.

'You can imagine the size of Brenda's bottom without even looking at the pictures! So pleased to see Brenda turn her flaws to fortune, as she changes her life around after so many things just come and perch on her bum! There is a giggle on every page. Brenda's Bottom and her birds is interesting and fun!' review by Chantel McNabb, a career driven mother and Brenda's Bottom fan

Also great for dyslexic adults and children in that the text is in blue, blue against white is much more agreeable to the dyslexic eye.

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  • Author: Clare Stanhope

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