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Jason Shelley reads Grey Love in Tuscany

As part of the Barga exhibition Jason Shelley reads his classic, Grey Love with new work and haikus

Time: 7pm at the Bel Canto Gallery

Date: 13th July 2015

As part of an exhibition with Renata Kudlacek, Vishal Shah, Emma Barnard et al in Barga...

If Yesterday Were Today...
An international group show
Barga > Berlin > London
Barga, Italy: 11.07 - 18.07 2015 ( ‘Piazzette’ Culture Festival)


Artists: Emma Barnard, Giulietta Coates, DIZQO, Christina Kaemper, Renata Kudlacek, Stine Ljungdalh,
Nele Ouwens, Jitiesh Patel, Vishal Shah, Jason Shelley,
Performances: Jobina Bardai & Maggie Cappelletti
Music: Giovanni Verga


Commune di Barga, Atrium, Palazzo Pancrazi
Via Guglielmo Marconi 1, Barga
Performance dates:
Saturday, 11.07.2015, 5.30 pm
Thursday, 16.07.2015, 5.30 pm


Bel Canto Gallery
Piazza Angelio 5, 55051 Barga
Vernissage dates:
Saturday, 11.07.2015, 7 pm
Thursday, 16.07.2015, 7 pm
Monday, 13.07.2015, 7 pm


In July 2014 a group of international artists were brought together in Barga, Italy, to celebrate the wedding of a couple. One year later that same group of artists return to Barga and offer the town a unique International group show ‘If Yesterday Were Today...’ and recreate the spirit of the time.


It soon became clear that artists live in and share cities, time passes, work grows and people drift into different parts of the world. The beautiful town Barga represents an atmosphere and vibrant zone where artists spread across the world can reunite in a unique way. Residents and visitors will witness a wide set of disciplines and creations from figurative painting to abstract installations, from performance art to costume design. The collective curatation of ‘If Yesterday were Today...’ emerged from the act of sharing by giving to the town of Barga, from artists of many different countries, cultures, nationalities and backgrounds.


In what way does our past affect our present? How do we make sense of our personal and collective history? Wouldn't it be nice if we could turn back time? Or do we prefer the present to the past?


Walter Benjamin’s essay Thesis on the Philosophy of History is a meditation on a prize possession, a Klee drawing he had purchased a time before: ‘A Klee drawing named “Angelus Novus” shows an angel looking as though he is about to move away from something he is fixedly contemplating. His eyes  are staring, his mouth is open, his wings are spread. This is how one pictures the angel of history. His face is turned toward the past… The angel would like to stay, awaken the dead, and make whole what has been smashed.’


With ‘If Yesterday were Today...’ the artists may turn towards the past - towards meaningful moments of general or personal history - in order to transfer aspects of it into the present. In the broader sense the exhibition approaches and questions the concept of time and its effects on daily life with multi-layered or playful narratives.


‘If Yesterday were Today...’ is a traveling exhibition and will be on display in Berlin from September 12th - 20th 2015 and in London 3rd - 6th December 2015.