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Two American poets read in Crofton

Two American poets and Desmond Trew. One Beat School, a John Dorsey. One of Punk Spirit, defo anti-Trump, a Damian Rucci. They join forces with the poets of “Write Brockley” for a joyous literary night of poetry readings at Crofton Books Bookshop. We will also be joined by Desmond Trew, of the "Oval 4", who was arrested or "set up" by a police detective in 1972. He has this year cleared his name and he is giving a true account of the arrest in the bookhop. See The Guardian article "It Shattered Me". We also celebrate the writings of Desmond Trew, for Black History Month 2019.

Jason Shelley and Tom Anderson of "Write Brockley" will read one poem...
Starts 7.45pm
£2 optional entrance fee.
Wine and refreshments available.

Jason and Tom are "in house" poets.

John Dorsey states that he *is* of the the Beat School with an Anti-Trump sensibility. His work has been greatly influenced by S.A. Griffin, Co-Editor of the Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, the late Todd Moore, Co-Founder of the American Outlaw Poetry Movement, and the late New Orleans poet Everette Maddox.

He is currently signed to London's Tangerine Press and is the author of "Being the Fire".

Damian Rucci is of "true punk" spirit, and has four chapbooks in the American Small Press, including his most recent, Don't Call it a Relapse.

See our website for poet info
*with thanks to Sandy Ford for designing the poster

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